Special Purpose Pressure Points Video Course

* Special Purpose Pressure Points

Welcome to the Special Purpose Pressure Points Video Course. As you further your training on pressure points, this course is perfect for you. It will take what you've learned so far and multiply that. You will learn about Underlying Indicator Points that work with the Cycle of Destruction and when you understand these pressure points it opens up a Parthenon of possibilities for you.

Confluent Pressure Points

The next on the list is the
Confluent Pressure Points. These pressure points for Kyusho Jutsu have a very powerful and important effect. When activated they will cause a weakness to occur in a certain area of the body. Thereby making the area much easier to attack, and the subsequent damage greater.

Influential Pressure Points

Then you will learn about
Influential Pressure Points, this is another group of very interesting pressure points. These points when activated affect certain meridians and organ groupings. The points in these cases are activated by contact.

Collateral Pressure Points

And next is a set of pressure points in this grouping of Special Purpose Pressure Points are the Collateral Pressure Points. The Meridian system of the body is not as "black and white" as it appears to be. Meridians are at the surface area of the body but in reality run far deeper. After all they follow the nervous system which is more complex than we can imagine. These grouping of pressure points connect at a very deep level to another meridian. There are 16 total and these have an important relationship to the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle as well as Yin - Yang. This makes them VERY powerful for Kyusho Jutsu usage.

Extraordinary Pressure Points

There are 64 Extraordinary Pressure Points on the body. These are essentially pressure points that were discovered after the mapping of the original 361. They are found in many different places on the body. We will cover 13 of them that have applications in our defenses.

Special Alarm Points when activated affect different meridians bilaterally but also the related organs and energy sources. I will cover some of the most useful of the Kyusho Jutsu Special Alarm Points.

12 of the 15+1 Kyusho Jutsu Principals covered in this course:

  1. Attack Along The Meridian
  2. Using The Cycle Of Destruction
    3. Yin And Yang
    4. Correct Body Mechanics
    5. Tempo
    6. Attack using The 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle
    7. Using The Correct Stance
    8. Applying Colour
    9. Using Sound
    10. The Cycle Of Emotions
    11. Stacking Elements
    12. The Minor Microcosmic Orbit
    13. Understanding the Quadrant Theory
    14. Applying Directional Energy
    15. Using Vibration Energy Transfer
    15 +1. Using Alarm Points

Advanced Pressure Point Techniques

  • Special Purpose Pressure Points
  • Underlying Indicator Points
  • Confluent Pressure Points
  • Influential Pressure Points
  • Collateral Pressure Points
  • Extraordinary Pressure Points
  • Special Alarm Points

What will students learn in this course?

  • Students will learn advanced techniques using pressure points.
  • Students will learn 5 types of Special Pressure Points and their Purposes. Underlying Indicator points,
  • Confluent points, Influential points, Collateral points, Extraordinary points and Special Alarm points.
  • A few really cool Energy techniques as well.
  • Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  • Knowledge of the KWJA 15 Principals of Kyusho Jutsu.
  • This is not a beginner’s course on pressure points. You must have an in-depth knowledge to follow these techniques.

Another great advanced Kyusho Jitsu Video Course from Master Muhammad Ali our Malaysian Director.

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