Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Ninjutsu

* Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Ninjutsu

Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Ninjutsu (Specific to practitioners of Ninjutsu). This is an all NEW Video Course from Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance Malaysia Directory Master Muhammad Ali. And one you will want to add to your Learning! 

Let’s talk about what “Kyusho Jutsu” really is. Kyusho simply is the study of the human body and it’s nervous system.

And by studying this system you can take any of the techniques and kata in your system making them incredibly effective! Also easy to apply and devastating for anyone and everyone! You will begin to learn how to interpret each and every move! Above all discover there is absolutely NO WASTED Movements! 

Therefore each and every move has incredible power and significant meaning… even the formal beginnings.

So how does it all work? 

For instance Kyusho Jutsu teaches you how to disrupt a person’s nervous system. This allows you to perform various techniques and maneuvers with ease. Most of all techniques like joint locks, arm bars and throws are done by temporarily shutting off various joints. And also by effecting specific nerves in the body!

In addition making them more painful and easier to manipulate. Therefore allowing you to quickly disable and subdue any attacker or classroom partner.

And above all Kyusho then becomes the great equalizer that has been talked about in the arts for centuries.

And whether you are a Grand Master or a beginner, Kyusho Jutsu will help you to develop your art.

This course, Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Ninjutsu is the first program to combine the system of pressure points and Ninjutsu in a simple to understand learning method.

This is 4 Hours of pressure point training. also remember it is not the destination, but the journey.

What will students learn in this course?

  • Exact strike locations that can be incorporated into the Kihon Happo Kata
  • Simple to recognize English naming system, utilizing the Meridian system of Pressure Points
  • Able to locate the exact positions of the pressure points.
  • How to disrupt a person’s nervous system, allowing you to perform various techniques and maneuvers with ease.
  • Increased confidence in how and where you strike.
  • No more hit and miss targets or wondering, if I were to strike here, does it actually do anything to the attacker.

Course requirements or prerequisites:

- Knowledge of Ninjutsu's Kihon Happo.
- From 8th Kyu and above.

Target students:

- Martial Art students with a focus on Ninjutsu.
- A MUST course for ALL Ninjutsu black belts.

And the great news is that Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Ninjutsu is now available for download! 

Act now and get this epic new course from Master Ali to help bring you Ninjutsu to a new level of understanding. 

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