Kill Shot Pressure Points

* Kill Shot Pressure Points

This is a course I never believed I would need to do. But as I look at the condition of the world today I am seeing a great need for this information to be released. And for the very first time it is going to be released. Kill Shot Pressure Points is the ultimate pressure point video course designed for deadly situations that are happening daily today in our culture.

This is nothing like I have ever done before. I have written an eBook called Deadly Pressure Points for Self Defense, but it only talked about them. I did not give you directions as to how to end a attack instantly with one shot.  Combat Pressure Points teaches how do deal with high escalation situation and take control! But honestly this today may not be enough! The violence is escalating out of control. 

Kill Shot Pressure Points is going to be a step by step guide as to which pressure points are the most deadly and exactly which of the 15 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu are needed to get the result required. Which tool to use when attacking, and will even include the angles of the Octagon to get the job done. Nothing is going to be left to the imagination in this "how to" course. And my son Master Scott Mason has consented to be my Uke in this course!

What will be included in this Video Course?

  • 10 Pressure Points that are the most deadly
  • Which Principles to use for each different pressure point ( Principles vary with conditions)
  • Correct striking actions and which tools to use for each pressure point
  • Correct force to be applied for the Kill Shot
  • Required mental training and visualization
  • This is for instant results not delayed death "Dim Mak"
  • Neurological and Vascular applications
  • And much more!

I have to note this course is for Educational purposes. Self Defense is a personal matter and a legal right. However using this information is for life and death situations only! This is nothing like you have ever seen before! And with terrorist organizations allowed to walk the streets today this information, Kill Shot Pressure Points become essential!

Based on the principle of Confluent Pressure Points for results!

Upon release on or before June 15th 2021 (Likely much sooner) the course will list at 79.97!  But if you want to preorder today you can grab this course for ONLY $39.97!


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