Combat Pressure Points Video Course

* Combat Pressure Points Video Course

Combat Pressure Points! Perhaps one of the most important Pressure Point / Kyusho Jitsu Course for the modern era. Chance favors the prepared mind. Are you prepared for the ultra violence occurring in many cities today?

Perhaps now is the time to prepare!

What kinds of pressure points will be included in this course?

  1. Pressure Points that work on 90% plus of people tested
  2. Dangerous & Deadly Pressure Points needed in life or death situations
  3. Pressure Points that will disable the attacker immediately
  4. Pressure Points to cause organ shutdown and breathing issues


  • Learning correct movement to access these dangerous pressure points
  • How to integrate this knowledge into your current system of style including combat systems
  • Become prepared for today's ultra violent cities and streets!

Don’t miss out on this epic new look at pressure points for life and death situations! Also featuring the talents of the Directors for the United States of America Grand Masters Dale & Ann Louise Gillilan. The feedback on this new course has been overwhelmingly positive. Get the Combat Pressure Point Video Course and add this information to your current system and root art today!

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