Pressure Point Knockouts

* Pressure Point Knockouts Mini Course

Pressure Point Knockouts Mini Course

About my Pressure Point Knockouts Mini Course: Do You Ever Worry Your Training Will Be Enough if you are attacked on the Streets? I May Just have the solution for you! My name is Art Mason, and I am a 40-year martial arts student, and school owner.

Have you ever been worried walking down the street about just how effective your training may be if it was needed?

Now I am not talking about a fight, something you can walk away from. I am talking about the person who wants to rob you, or worse yet, KILL YOU.

Perhaps you will be with a loved one when someone attacks, and you know you have to deal with this quickly as to protect them? Let’s face it, the odds are it is going to happen! I have had it happen 2 times in my life.

Pressure Point Knockouts Mini Course

“Chance favors the prepared mind”. If you are like me, and honest with yourself, you know this is a concern. What usually happens is we train harder. But let's face it, life gets in the way of always being in “great” shape! Plus, injuries also affect us. Not to mention “age”.

However, Kyusho is a great equalizer.  Most of all, adding “pressure point” study to our existing training. As you progress in Kyusho things like age, size, stamina, and injury count less and less.  Now, I have been teaching pressure points / Kyusho Jitsu for about 20 years to police and military people, and they all agree. This knowledge is what made the difference for them.

Most of all, today, I am offering a GREAT opportunity to get our Pressure Point Knockouts Mini Course for an incredible price. And believe me, Pressure Point Knockouts Mini Course is a great course.

So what is doing Pressure Point knockouts all about? It is effecting the neurological systems of the body and causing the brain to reboot. In other words, FAST and EFFECTIVE knockouts.

Here is a sample of what Pressure Point Knockouts Mini Course will TEACH you to do!
Watch this 90-second video!

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Knockout Basics Mini Video Course for

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Pressure Point Knockouts Mini Course

Kyusho Jitsu is also not a martial art style. If you learn the History of Kyusho Jitsu you can discover its amazing roots. It should rather be viewed as a study, like Kyusho Jitsu in that sense. As an example of what I mean, Kosho Ryu is my martial art, and my style of Hapkido. 

There is Kyusho Jitsu in the world that is taught as a complete martial art; however, it is difficult to find, especially in the western culture. What I am teaching here with Pressure Point Knockouts Mini Course, and my other Kyusho courses is a study. The study of the principles and concepts that led to what is called Kyusho today. 

No one person could live long enough to learn it all. This is why martial art study is a path of life, not an activity. 

I know you will love this course called Pressure Point Knockouts Mini Course. But, if you do not love it after purchase, you can contact me by submitting a ticket to my Support Site within 30 days of purchase and I will refund you!  That is my guarantee to you!

Sometime people will tell me they are too old to do something. Age is a number, life, and learning are states of mind. And as the old saying goes, “never say never” or in Romanian “niciodată să nu spui niciodată.” And no, I did not translate this with Google. You are never too old to learn.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day. Keep learning.

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Mare Maestru Art Mason

GM Mason - Defensive Tactics Against a Pressure Point Attack.

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