Pressure Point Fighting: from Kata to Street

* Pressure Point Fighting: from Kata to Street

Pressure Point Fighting: from Kata to Street: There is amazing power locked in the traditional martial arts. But today, in a world of sport this information has been lost.  Great men like Hohan Soken and Oyata Sensei were men beyond their times. But in truth the information has not disappeared.

The teachings of old were not technique based, they were concept based. And these concepts were taught and shown to some within the Kata. But as the arts came to the western world many aspects were no longer being taught. Now is time to begin to correct this. 

All Waza or technique was born of Kata, until recent times. Today techniques are created on the fly based on what is comfortable for the teacher to do. 

And this is a disservice to the student and the teacher alike.  

Pressure Point Fighting: from Kata to Street

What can be learned from Kata? In truth it is endless. In this new video course I am going to explore aspects of traditional Kata and show how this information is still relevant even to the insanity of today's streets.  Kata holds the secret to pressure points manipulation and striking.  It is the master key to correct angle and direction as well as the application of other principles of study.

Principle such as the Cycle of Destruction, the Yin Yang Principle and the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle will become very clear to you.  Only to name a few. And most importantly you will see the viable street application to Kata you have never seen before! Therefore this is what am I going to cover in Pressure Point Fighting: from Kata to Street?

Lets' have a look!
  1. Breakdown and application of pressure points
  2. A deep look at the wall Kata Po Eun
  3. Meridian striking
  4. Translation from Kata to street defense Waza!
  5. Real teachable content Kyusho content for the streets!
  6. And much more!

I am very confident if you love pressure points, and love Kata you will love this all new course! And this is like nothing I have done before!

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