Kyusho University Audio Archive

* Kyusho University Audio Archive

Kyusho University Audio Archive: Back in 2016 I created Kyusho Jitsu University with the mandate to provide a place for students to study and certify in the study of Kyusho Jitsu.

However students tended to prefer downloadable content for certification therefore the website was repurposed for this.

But, as I was doing some house clearing I discover an archive of Kyusho Jitsu lessons in audio format cover a fast number of topics. I had complete forgotten about these files until now.

Most of all the great news is I am going to make them available, in M4A format at a great price. And there are 50 plus audio files included.

What is covered?

Kyusho University Audio Archive includes the following topics to name a few.

  • Kyusho principles
  • Alarm Points
  • Meridian Theory
  • Kata interpretation
  • and much more!

Now, while not many people attended these courses at KJU the audio podcasts were perhaps the most popular of the features. Now you can download them all!

Myself I am an audio learning. Therefore I suggest putting these on a phone or burning to CD and listening to them while drive, working out etc. And with 50 plus audio files you will have a ton of learning Kyusho available to you!

Most of all these are available NOW for immediate download!

Get your Copy NOW!!

ONLY $14.97

Kyusho Jitsu & Kosho Ryu Video Courses