Attack Using Kyusho Sound and Colour

* Kyusho Sound and Colour

This is not a beginner principle however, Attack Using the Kyusho Sound and Colour Principle, is one that everyone wants to learn about! It is part of the second set of  principles of Kyusho which we begin in year 2 of study. This video is actually 2 principles in one, which are:

  • Attack Using Sound
  • Attack Using Colour

In this workshop you will see some amazing things about how both sound and colour have an effect on the human body! This is a must have session for anyone truly interested in personal development in the art and science of pressure point self defense.  When you train in these principles, either sound or colour or both, you will have results you never expected.  Consequently your understanding will get a quantum leap!

Now even though this is an advanced concept I am going to give it to you at a great price! As a result of this video you will have a quantum leap in your understanding of Kyusho Jitsu.

What is in this Video?

In this video I cover how colour effects the 5 elements of the body, in both a healing and destructive context. Also I discuss which sounds affect which meridians and which elements dramatically improving your strikes. Both these principles are extremely powerful. They do take time to develop a deep understanding in, however the result is well worth the effort! And they can also be stacked together or with other Principles of Kyusho Jitsu to increase the effectiveness dramatically! This workshop video is a small investment with BIG returns in performance! 

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