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Kyusho Self Defense Basics

Kyusho Self Defense Basics

  • 1
    Learn the things you are doing wrong when it comes to street safety!
    The first place I am going to start is to talk about what you, and just about everyone else today is doing that could put not just their lives in danger, but your family too!
  • 2
    Discover good habits to help keep your family and you safe!
    Everyday our streets get more and more dangerous. We all have habits that we must understand and must break to help be safe! In this FREE Course I am going to explore all this!
  • 3
    Learn what to look for when out either alone or with friends to avoid danger!
    There are very simple things you can learn to do to help assure the safety of yourself and your family on the ever increasing violent streets today!
  • 4
    Know what you can cannot do to protect yourself
    Today, sadly because of the every increasing "psychotic" behaviors of people you must more than every understand several things. One is what self defense is and what it is not! The next is escalation of the crisis and how to control it. 
  • 5
    Get a solid foundation in "Street Smarts" for today's world!
    When you are done this course you will have a solid understand of the Kyusho Self Defense Basics!

 Kyusho Self Defense Basics 3 Video Course


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