Kyusho Pressure Point Healing

* Kyusho Pressure Point Healing

Kyusho Pressure Point Healing

Pressure Points can be used for both destructive means and there is also Kyusho Pressure Point Healing.  

Zen Story - A prospective martial art students come to see a great Sifu. He tells the Sifu he wishes to learn martial arts from him.  The Sifu ask the student "why? Do you want to be a tough guy?" The students answers "yes I want to be able to hurt people." Sifu replies "hurting people is easy, first you have to learn to heal them." 

This is an old story, but in many ways it is very truth. A true martial arts master always looks to heal the conflict rather then escalate it. The science of pressure point self defense is in many ways taking the healing science of acupuncture and reversing it. 

Now for the first time in video format I am going to go into details on using pressure points to heal and relieve pain rather then damage and cause pain.

In today's world there is enough pain and suffering and not enough people trying to heal.

Pressure Point Healing - How it works

This is not a Chi based energy healing course. This is about being able to relieve pain and discomfort using pressure points to restore the normal flow of energy in the body and quiet the nerves. These are simple and direct methods and pressure points anyone can use with a little practice. 

In this ALL NEW video we will look at:

  • Helping breathing problems
  • Stomach and lower abdominal pain
  • Headaches
  • Sinus issues
  • Joint pains
  • Stress and anxiety
  • and much more!

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