Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting

Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting

Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting: The Yawara stick was designed to make Police arrests easier, faster, more humane, and with less exertion on the part of the Officer.

For the Officer who wants to do his job better and enjoy the good health and happiness to which he is entitled upon retirement.

The Yawara stick is very effective, easy to carry, easy to learn how to use, and easy to remember. It is hard, in fact, almost impossible, for anyone to wrest it from the holder's grasp. 

The Yawara stick is better appearing, very inconspicuous, and is not objectionable to the public, even when it is being used.

Combining the knowledge of Kyusho Jutsu (pressure points) with using the Yawara is a superb combination.  It provides for better striking to the targets and far superior results as compared to using your fists.  In today's times, we need to condition our hands as better weapons, whereas the Yawara stick is conditioned and will always remain conditioned.

Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting

What are the odds of walking into a Police Station with a Katana on your side, and not getting jumped by half a dozen Police Officers?

What are the odds of walking through an Airport with a Bo staff and not getting jumped by Airport Security?

And moreover, walking to work with your Bo Staff, just opens the door for ridicule.  "Hey Bro!  Are you going to part the coffee with that stick?"  Yeah, Prophet Moses parting the Red Sea jokes.

What are the odds of walking into a Bank with Escrima sticks and not getting jumped by the Bank Security guards?

And what about Nunchucks? 

Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting

We train with all of these weapons, however, the reality is, we cannot take them, ANYWHERE!  With the exception of the cane/walking stick of course.

So that is where the Yawara sticks come in.  These are small wooden sticks and moreover, most of these sticks are actually AcuPressure sticks.  Medical devices as I demonstrate in my course. 

This means you can literally walk on an Airplane with one in your pocket and will not get detected by scanners, you can walk into a Police station and not asked questions.

This is the power of disguise for the Yawara stick. 

Watch this Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting Now!
Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting

Join me in this course Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting, as I teach you the pressure points of the body and how to effectively use them with the Yawara stick to immobilize your attacker.  I will teach you how you can convert and use your pen as a Yawara stick too.

The objective of Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting is to make you aware of the pressure point (Kyusho Jutsu) targets to move the odds of the fight into your favour.

Over TWO DOZEN drills and training exercises to help your understanding of using the Yawara stick with Pressure Points.  AND for each of these drills, I will add Hanka (variations) so there are dozens and dozens of training drills to practice with.

PDF Course Notes for additional reading and research. A great course is Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting, with over 2 hours of instructional video.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

Grand Master Ali

Grand Master Ali

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It's about Learning

I have know Grand Master Ali for many many years. He is an amazing martial artist and outstanding humanitarian. I began promoting many of Grand Master Ali's course a few years ago because not only are they excellent, and very well researched but they also offer a different perspective from myself.

And this is very important!

Martial Art is a learning journey for life. A search for truth in a world of lies. And the more you learn the more blessed your life will be. And I am not talking about indoctrination here. But seeing many different views and using critical thinking to decide what is right for you!

Martial Arts training should not be looked at as an activity. It is rather a study. And a study that lasts for a lifetime. The world is in the trouble it is in today because people are not educated, they are indoctrinated. Therefore they regurgitate information that is not truth, but part of a narrative.

And the martial arts world has been affected by this also. Thus the believe that ring fighting and feats of physical prowess are the only way. There is no truth to this idea. These things have value, but are only a fraction of the entire picture.

Learning is for a lifetime.

How often have you heard someone say that they are "too old for" something? There is not truth to this as age is a state of mind. Anyone can do the Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting. Age is a state of mind.

Too many martial artists my age have relegated themselves to talking about their glory days at a coffee shop, or worse social media platforms. Remember to "Never say Never" or "Niciodată să nu spui niciodată" in Romanian. You are never to old to learn, and as an example I am learning a language to the point of certifying as a speaker in my 60's. And I consider this to be part of my martial arts training! 

Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting

And the best part, if you purchase this important and amazing video course called Kyusho Jutsu Yawara Stick Fighting and are not happy within the first 30 days I will refund you. Just submit a Support Ticket. But I know you will love this! Do you prefer eBook on Kosho, check here. And many other Great Courses By Grand Master Ali.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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