Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited

* Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited

Part of the Kosho Ryu Revisited Video Series comes Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited. A deep look at the Natural Laws within this martial art. The first in this series of courses is on Hapkido's sister art of Aikido. All martial arts have the same origin.

However over the decades and centuries different styles or signature have come forward to serve certain purposes. So what does this mean? No matter what you are currently training in there is always more to learn. And Hapkido is certainly no exception. 

If you look at the history of Hapkido you will see it is very fragmented, with 2 distinct paths. And in truth if you study the history of all martial arts you see some interesting similarities. Yet we look for differences.

It is similarities that lead to any truth, never differences.

My personal linage of Hapkido comes from Kuk Sul Hapkido, and it is an amazing martial art. But it is incomplete. But sadly in the modern era the teachers have stopped learning. And this is the reason why the arts have become watered down, and ineffective on the streets. The real arts have been replaced by sport and are now children's activities. 

Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited

Many years ago, about 35 I had a man gunning for me. He was intent on ending my life, and had even slashed my tires to send his message to me. And I recall thinking about my martial arts training and how I would use it if ambushed. But even as a 2nd Dan Black Belt I could see NO CONNECTION to real life

A few years later I met a man I could not handle. 3 Good men could not handle him. Turns out he was a paranoid schizophrenic and wanted by the police. But these two incidents made me realize I needed more, much more! In 2000 I left my teacher of 16 plus years to pursue more knowledge and to open a Dojo.

Shortly thereafter I met a man named Richard Buchan, who changed the direction of all I do in the arts. That change was Kosho Shorei Ryu. Today I follow the teachings directly of Hanshi Bruce Juchnik, a direct student of James M Mitose.

What is Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited about?

Hapkido is a great art, but it is a style and therefore inherently incomplete. This course will look at all aspects Hapkido and related them to the origin, the teachings of old, the Natural Laws found in the Kosho Ryu. You can read the History of Kosho Ryu here which will fill in some gaps for you. 

What will be in this course called Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited? Let's break it down.

  • How the self defense waza of Hapkido can be made more effective with Natural Laws
  • The correct usage of angles
  • Waza and Kumite
  • Origins of Hapkido
  • Forming of an eclectic martial art
  • And much more!

Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited is now online for download. This is an important course in the development of any martial artist. Kosho Ryu is a study, while Hapkido is a style of martial art. When training in a style and also doing a study you can create a complete martial art system.

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Martial Arts training should not be looked at as an activity. It is rather a study. And a study that lasts for a lifetime. The world is in the trouble it is in today because people are not educated, they are indoctrinated. Therefore they regurgitate information that is not truth, but part of a narrative.

And the martial arts world has been affected by this also. Thus the believe that ring fighting and feats of physical prowess are the only way. There is no truth to this idea. These things have value, but are only a fraction of the entire picture. This course Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited takes your training in a direction you may never have imagined. 

Learning is for a lifetime.

How often have you heard someone say that they are "too old for" something? There is not truth to this as age is a state of mind. Anyone can do the Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited. Age is a state of mind. The concepts and principles found in Kosho Ryu make the study timeless. 

Too many martial artists my age have relegated themselves to talking about their glory days at a coffee shop, or worse social media platforms.  They also talk that pressure points do not work on the street. That is because they have not pursued the right information. And Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited is the right information!

And the best part, if you purchase this important and amazing video course and are not happy within the first 30 days I will refund you. Just submit a Support Ticket. But I know you will love my Kosho Ryu Hapkido Revisited video course! Do you prefer eBook on Kosho, check here

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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