Introduction to Quantum Kyusho Jitsu

* Quantum Kyusho Jitsu Project

An Introduction to Quantum Kyusho Jitsu

What is Quantum Kyusho Jitsu? It is a revolutionary new look at the science of pressure point self defense and its applications.  First lets take a laymen's look at the world of Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics to put it very simply is the study of possibilities. It states that at a sub atomic level things are not exactly as we tend to think they are. And that it is "observation" that brings things into what we see and comprehend in our physical reality. All things no matter how dense they appear to be are energy, waves of possibility.  This gives tremendous power to the mind!

The Human Body is essentially a bio-mechanical electric suit that we inhabit.  Whether we understand how we work or we do not, the human body functions because of the electrical system we call "nerves."  What if we can have a bigger effect on this system than we first imagined?

Quantum Kyusho Jitsu and the Body

The human body is a complicate mechanism.  The energy we call "Chi" or "Ki" flows in multiple directions, throughout the entire system. From the skin to deep within the tissues.  The balance of water and other compositions like minerals make this all possible! Then all of this is guided by thought. 

Thoughts we don't think about, unconscious control.  What if we could "disrupt" this? How important would that be in a self defense situation?

The science of pressure point self defense is truly a revolutionary addition to anyone's martial art or self defense system.  However many times being able to strike exact points on the body can be a challenge! The attacker is naturally moving, and in a very aggressive posture! What if there was an easier? What if there is a more effective way to apply Kyusho Jitsu?

Well their is! Quantum Kyusho Jitsu!!

Down the Rabbit Hole

I have been research better methods of applying the science of pressure point self defense seriously for about 8 years. This study helped me to create the Dim Mak Project as well as a Level Six Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification Course.  But there was still something missing.

Until Now....

I have now assembled the information for the highest possible learning of Kyusho, this is what I am calling Quantum Kyusho Jitsu.  Are you interesting in taking everything you have learned about the pressure points, and applying this information in a way that will yield a result that will leave you speechless?

Then keep reading!

Introduction to Quantum Kyusho Jitsu

On Canada Day, July 1st 2018 I released the first video in a series on Quantum Kyusho Jitsu! What is demonstrated in this video will take your understanding of everything Kyusho Jitsu and Self Defense to a totally different level!

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