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Free Kyusho Jitsu Video Lesson!

Right now I have something amazing for you. A Free Kyusho Jitsu Video Lesson from my Novice Online Learning Course here at Kyusho Club. 

And the best news is not only is this free but also downloadable so you can watch at your leisure!

Grand Master Art Mason
A Gift from GM Mason

Novice Kyusho Jitsu Lesson

Kyusho Club

First Novice Lesson

This is the beginning of the same program and system I use and teach in Dojo Kyusho Jitsu Study Groups. 

Kyusho Club

Solid Foundation

Success with the science of pressure point self defense comes from a solid foundation. And this FREE Kyusho Jitsu Video is just that! 

Kyusho Club

No Cost or Obligation

This Kyusho Jitsu Video lesson is simply free! A gift from myself and Kyusho Club with no obligation to do anything. How many things in life are this way?

Read to get your copy?

Are you ready to grab your FREE Kyusho  Video Lesson? Click the link below, fill out your name and email, then confirm your email and a download link is on the way to your inbox.

It is really that simple!

Kyusho Club is an all new idea of learning Kyusho Jitsu online. Based on the idea of becoming a community for those interested in the science of pressure point self defense. It is a place where you can study simply for the knowledge or obtain rank in Kyusho Jitsu over time. We also offer a 7 Day Free Full Access Trial Membership you can enroll in HERE. There is no obligation to continue past the trial and you can quit at any ti,me. 

If you are new to the science of pressure point self defense we also have 4 free courses you can check out from this LINK. More information on myself, Grand Master Art Mason is available here.

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