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Daniel Mcquaigue

"Dear grand master mason. I've been impressed with your courses last few years and find you a real master in Kyusho Jitsu or as the Chinese say dim Mak! Your friend in training.... Yogi Dan...."Daniel Mcquaigue

Tony Plant

Very interesting.

Very clear.

What parts of the body are Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth & Water.

J. Turnbow

"What I like is that it's online, available anywhere, anytime, which with my schedule between work, college, teaching tae kwon do - I need. Thank you so much for your hard work," J. Turnbow

C Washington

"This is an excellent course that offers a great introduction to Kyusho. Master Mason is also eager to answer any questions you may have. I also have enjoyed some of the discounts on products that are offered in the mini-course. I have even asked my black belts to sign up for it too." C Washington

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