Octagon Theory

Octagon Lesson Two – The Octagon & You

Lesson 3

Back in my Dojo in Canada we had an Octagon painted  on our mats. This is how important this information is to my root art currently. Training in the Octagon requires you to see an Octagon so you can learn and move according to its angles. 

Octagon Theories

This is all to me pretty basic, but people have a lot of problems with it. OK, when you look at the image of the Octagon above there are some things from the onset you need to understand. 

  1. You are always at the center of the Octagon. When you move the Octagon moves with you.
  2. The Attacker is always at the 1 position. 
  3. You NEVER move to the 2 position. This is death! If you were in the path of a car would you run backwards to escape? No, you would get off the road!

12-6-3 Theory

Next we need to look at distance of attack. There are ONLY 3 distances in an attack we need to worry about. Below is the breakdown.

  1. 12 Foot Distance PLUS (6-12 feet plus)
  2. 6 Foot Distance - 3- 6 feet away
  3. 3 Foot Distance and less

The distance dictates where on the Octagon you would move as soon as the attack begins. 

  • 12 Foot move to 5 & 7
  • 6 Foot move to 3 & 4
  • 3 Foot move to 8 & 6

Remember! No linear movement to either 1 or 2! 

See you in the next lesson!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

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