Beyond Healing with DIY Med Bed

* Beyond Healing with DIY Med Bed

Beyond Healing with DIY Med Bed: Throughout this entire Beyond Healing Series, I focus on the fact that Healing is Voltage. In this video course, I will tell you how I built my own Do It Yourself MED BED, that I used for myself and my family. 

There are companies selling MED BEDs in the thousands of dollars. Healing does not have to be expensive. From $500 USD you can put together a MED BED that is effective to heal you.

 I will teach you to return BALANCE back to your body, by healing the Body, the Mind, the Heart, the Spirit and the Soul. ONLY with true balance can you really begin to heal yourselves. 

Includes instructional videos, 247 page DIY MED BED Manual and Healing Education. Spreadsheet to plan your DIY MED BED project. AND MORE.

"Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better."

This powerful mantra I have used throughout this course,
Beyond Healing with DIY Med Bed.

About this Course

When you think Med Bed, you might be thinking of something like this, out of a sci-fi movie. We’ve seen them a lot in movies, you know, someone goes in and comes out healed. Does this type of technology exist today? Will it be as we see it in the movies? Some say this technology does exist but has been suppressed.

But I can tell you, what is available now, are quite costly.

Getting well isn't magical, getting well is a process of unwinding what you have created in your own body and this is the point of this course.

Learn the skills

I will teach you the skills to create a Med Bed, a Med Bed that can heal you and using simple concepts that has been around for decades and have been proven to work. Time tested methods of healing.

Our focus is to bring back balance to our bodies. Balancing our Mind, our heart, our body and our soul and spirit. ONLY when all of these are in balance can TRUE healing take place. So by using various methods, the concept here is to bring one by one back into balance.

The first step to heal yourself is to understand the root cause of sickness. We’ve been told contagious diseases, viruses, germs, toxins in our food and water supply, genetics and hereditary, but these are far from the real truth. Actually all of these things are just to cover up the real cause.

The root cause of our sickness is Radiation.
Man-made radiation.

What you need to understand is even the earth and minerals give off radiation, however you don’t see someone’s hair fall out from connecting to the Earth. Right? That’s the difference. Once you’ve identified the root cause, which is Man-Made Radiation, the next thing is to cap it! If you don’t, what’s going to happen, is when you’re sick, you’re going to try supplements, or health products, or Prophetic Medicine and the recovery will either be very slow or none.

Now the MAJOR problem that we are ALL facing today, is we cannot cap the root cause, we cannot cap these man made radiation, the cell phone towers, the WIFI, the Bluetooth, the EMF. It’s toooo much and “they are” not stopping. 5G hasn’t even been fully implemented worldwide and already 6G is on the horizon.

They absolutely know that this radiation is NOT compatible, it is NOT healthy for our bodies, yet they still push forward with it.

So your health is at war.

And either you’re going to win this war or going to lose the war.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Vegan, or healthy enthusiast and workout every day. Those are great things, but you will still be affected but slower. So in this course, I will teach you how to reduce the radiation around you, like I said, we cannot cap it. But reduce it as much as possible.

Then I will teach you to control the body’s two main functions. Consumption and Elimination and from there the med bed can recover our bodies.

How are these different?

Now, what makes my Med Bed different? I have tried to keep the healing as simple as possible. There are a few DIY MED BEDS, out there, using tubes and zinc and nano fluids, and plasma water. Horizontal Med Beds, Vertical Med Beds, Virtual Med Beds, actually some pretty good stuff, but the setup of these for the average person is not so simple or like I said, costly. I have seen Quantum Med Beds starting $10,000 for 1 person and some priced at $50,000. 

So what I have done, is to the best of my ability make this the most simple and most affordable Med Bed that you can build. And from scratch, around $500 dollars, as you add on some of my recommendations, the cost will go up, but I’ve included a DIY MED BED Budget spreadsheet that you can plan out all the costs before you begin.

I highly recommend printing out the DIY MED BED Manual and bind it like this, print the pages back to back. It will be a source of reference for the years to come and as you read it and re-read it, you’ll start to see healing in a whole new light, with clarity. And most importantly you will NOT fear sickness and why is that? Because you understand sickness, you understand what the body needs and you understand how to bring back balance.

I wish you all the best in your healing,

Thanks again.

Master Ali

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