Beyond Healing with Chi Energy Healing

* Beyond Healing with Chi Energy Healing

Beyond Healing with Chi Energy Healing: 

Course Description:

This course is designed to introduce you to the concepts of Chi Healing being taught by the School of Chi Energy Heals. And I am an Advanced Chi Instructor with the school and in my 5th year of Chi Energy Training.

Please note: This course is NOT intended to be a beginner course on learning how to develop your Chi Energy. 

And so this course is intended for those students who have already been practicing in Chi Energy for 1 or 2 years. Also who would like to further their knowledge in the art of Chi Energy Healing. It is recommended to have read Master Scott Mason's Complete Guide to Chi Development for Novices as a prerequisite to this course. 

Beyond Healing with Chi Energy Healing

Therefore this course is intended for those students who have completed my Kyusho Jutsu Black Belt course. I have introduced the beginner concepts of Chi Energy and Nerve Fiber building exercises in the course. Also I will teach you the concepts that I have learned through the School by using Screen Forms to pass through the body or another person's body in order to activate their healing system.

Most of all I will demonstrate distant healing techniques.  Remember healing another person does not mean that they need to be in front of you.  The only limitation of healing is your belief and hopefully, by the end of this course, we will expand on that.

And I have included course notes, in which I have added additional information and explanations to further emphasize the concepts to be learned.

Chi Energy Healing

Therefore I would also like to reiterate our concept of healing. We should not consider ourselves Healers. This role belongs to God Almighty Alone. Most importantly we not healing others! Therefore all that we are doing is helping to activate the internal healing system in that person’s body. And this lets their own healing system cure them.  Therefore if I say that I cured my wife or one of my children, it would be wrong as I am crossing the line with God. 

Most important is that God has said in His scriptures, whether in the Holy Bible or the Holy Qur’an that he has created us in Perfection!  Which means He has created a perfect system of healing for our bodies.  Therefore I would be in error if I said that I cured my wife. Thus the choice is yours on your approach. Understand the above is my belief and it is my responsibility to share it with you. How you handle it is your choice and belief.

So, please join me in this excellent adventure of learning and expanding your Chi to help your family and friends.

Most of all if you have any questions during your training, please contact me.

Thank You
Grand Master Ali

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